Change Art Forever FAC / by Kyle Darnell

If you could time travel, which artist would you remove from the timestream and why? This would create a trickle down effect obviously and would change the course of art dramatically. Don't worry about time paradoxes and their main profession would have to be art. So removing Adolf Hitler because he was a failed artist before he went on to lead Germany would not be acceptable. I also want a good reason. You can't say "I don't like squiggly lines so thats why I am removing Cy Twombly."

Here is my example:

Darnell 7

I would get rid of Vincent Van Gogh. I thought he turned out to be a detriment to art with his disrespect for color and traditions. This caused many people to make art that was untrained and otherwise grotesque to enter my eyes all the time. Overall, his work was okay, its the people who emulated his work that I can't stand. 


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