Art You Don't Like FAC / by Kyle Darnell

We all have prejudices about art. I personally have several (don't ever do scratchboard art in my class). This weeks assignment is to tell me what you don't like and why. Please provide a link to back up what you are talking about or so I have an idea of what they do. You can write about an art style, an artist, or a whole art period that you don't like. Please touch on why someone might like them though, I want to know the other side of the coin.

Here is an example:

Damien Hirst is terrible. Early on he was with the YBA (Young British Artists) and had actual credibility with his work. It was inventive, efficient and visually pleasing. Then he took a turn, I personally believe its when he became friends with the lead singer of U2, Bono. He started dressing and acting like Bono and as his celebrity grew his art declined. He reverted to the bare necessities of Post-Modern art, the grand scale. He started spending untold amounts of money to just kill and preserve animals in formaldehyde and said "Hey guys, look how great I am!" 

The highest of his terribleness comes with the piece titled "For the Love of God" which is just just a human skull covered in diamonds. He started describing the media he works in as Money. Nobody needs that. Nobody needs Damien Hirst.