Art You LIke IB/Vis by Kyle Darnell

Post a link to an artist you like.  Please refrain from the Ninja Turtles (DaVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello), try to find someone more current. Write a little bit about what you like and how you would recommend them to others. 

Here is mine.

Sean Starwars

Sean Starwars is a print artist who specializes in pop culture and its effects on memory. I would recommend him to people who enjoy an artist enjoying themselves. Too often you see art that is the overly serious and depressing. Sean Starwars is here to have a good time.

See, simple and to the point. These discussions will be posted every Monday and due every Sunday.

Catch Up by Kyle Darnell

There is no new assignment this week. Instead I am giving you the opportunity to complete assignments you missed for half credit. Doesn't sound like much, but it is way better than a zero.


Now I am not going to dig through all the posts to find who caught up on what, when. You will need to comment on this with which ones you caught up on and I will double check it from there. If you don't write anything here, I will assume you didn't need it.

These are due Thursday instead of Sunday.

Summer by Kyle Darnell

The Summer is a beautiful thing sometimes. Especially when when you get some more free time. I know alot of you will go on trips, or work, or prep for college but I have a small reality for all of you. Youre not very good at art. And you especially need to work on basic practice, repition, keeping a sketchbook, and exploring your own creativity.

Tell me what art projects you have lined up for the Summer. What are you going to do to be better than you are today.? What areas are you especially weak in? Art is like everything else, if you don’t practice at it, you will be worse at it. This will continue year after year until you are sitting in your overpriced yet very small studio apartment, stressing about paying bills and trying to remember if your boss gets one or two sugars in their coffee all while thinking “ Am I in the Darkest Timeline? Would pursuing a life as a creator instead of a consumer been worth it?” And you will never know, so you might as well draw a few bunnies this summer.

Reccomend an art book by Kyle Darnell

Reccomend me a good art book that you don’t think we have. I might get some, I might just buy more Dore collections. Who’s to say?

Here is an example of what I expect your post to look like.

Piranesi: The Complete Etchings

by Luigi Ficacc

An explanation as to why it is an important add.

College and comics by Kyle Darnell

Seniors: Tell me what College you are going to, what you are majoring in, and a link to the school.

Juniors: What is your ideal College and major? What are you doing to obtain that ideal?

Sophomores: Tell me what your comic story is.

Vote Early, Vote Often by Kyle Darnell


Thank you for all of those who submitted artwork into the 2019 Congressional Art Competition for Indiana’s 8th Congressional District!

35 pieces were entered into this year’s competition and they will all be on display in the Arts Council of Southwest Indiana for a reception on April 23rd. Information on the reception can be found below.

What: 2019 Congressional Art Competition Reception – 8th Congressional District of Indiana
Date: Tuesday, April 23rd
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:00pm Central Time
Where: Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, 212 Main Street, Evansville, Indiana

*All artists, teachers, family, and friends are welcomed to attend.*

The overall winner will be invited to a reception in Washington, D.C. in June to see their work on display. An official invitation with more details will be sent to the winner in mid-May. They will receive two round-trip airplane tickets to attend the 2019 Congressional Art Competition Winner’s Reception from Southwest Airlines.

People’s Choice Award is starting TODAY! The artwork was uploaded into an album on Congressman Bucshon’s Facebook page and the piece with the most likes, comments, and shares will win the People’s Choice Award which will be presented at the April 23rd reception. Make sure you encourage your family and friends to vote and share their favorite artwork on Facebook. To view the photo album click the below link.

Vote here:

If you attend the art reception on April 23rd and your piece did not win, you may take your artwork with you that evening. If you are unable to attend the reception, your artwork can be picked up in the Congressman’s Evansville or Terre Haute office beginning in May. If you want to coordinate pick-up/drop-off times and locations, feel free to reach out to me.

Again, thank you for your submission. I look forward to seeing you all at the April 23rd reception.

Take care and let me know if you have any questions.

Art Competition and tell me a joke by Kyle Darnell

Juniors and seniors. This week there isn’t technically an online assignment. You will be entering into the US Congressional Art Competition. There is a form you have to fill out that is signed by your parent or guardian, and you will need to have your best art piece to me by Thursday with the form. Turn it in, you get points.

A little about the show. It is open to everyone in the 8th district and is juried by the arts council on behalf of Representative Larry Buschon. It will be on display in the Arts Council and if it wins, it goes on display at the Capitol Building in DC for a year and you get two plane tickets and a hotel room for the reception. Everything you need is here, I will have the forms on Tuesday.

You can check out the rules at the link but basically no politics (Sorry Ben), no violence (Sorry Dexter), no sculpture (Sorry B$), and no fibers (Sorry Olive). And including a frame it needs to be smaller than 26 inches.

But this is a great opportunity, don’t blow it.

Sophomores, tell me a joke. I shouldn’t have to say this but make sure it follows school policy.

A lot of things by Kyle Darnell

Seniors: Congrats on hanging your show, I bet you feel great. Well anyway I need a copy of the title identification sheet by the end of class Wednesday. This needs to be emailed me at . Cool now that that is out of the way a few custodial things. Your process portfolio is due to me by April 20th which is when it also needs to be uploaded to IB. For a refresher on the Process Portfolio here is the link we discussed last year, it has everything you need. Speaking of IB, a change was made to the Comparative Study. You will need to remove the Bibliography from the end of your powerpoint and make it a separate word doc. Them the breaks, you can upload that at anytime but I recommend doing it asap so you don’t have to worry about it.

Now your assignment this week is to drum up as much interest in the exhibition this Saturday. Remember it is from 12-2 but you don’t have to stay the whole time, you can collect your art at the end but we will still need to go down and clean the place up (Spackle and paint walls).

Every gallery reception has awesome food, so your online assignment this week is to post if you are bringing any food for the reception and what it is. Not everyone has too obviously, but generally this is an opportunity to show off a bit. I will be providing plates, forks and water so don’t get that. Try to keep things bite size, a three their cake can be unruly.

Juniors: This next project is due at the end of April, before Testing starts. So this should be the best art piece you make all year, kind of a final boss. Focus on technique that you excel at as well as subject matter you are comfortable with. You see the Seniors working on their Exhibition where they are making art based around a Theme, potentially use this as a launching point for that new series. I want you to post what your artwork will be or what theme it might follow.


Vote for what you want your April Project to be. I might listen

Curatorial Rationale by Kyle Darnell

Seniors: Write a Curatorial Rationale. This is just a rough draft so you can start writing down ideas that we have discussed or is still in your head. Use this as an opportunity to get the bad ideas out. This will be due Sunday. The next week you will comment on two different curatorial rationale's that have already been posted to help the process along.

Juniors: An artist statement is a declaration of artistic intent. It is your opportunity to not only describe your art series as a whole, but you and why you are here. It ranges from influences, but what you want to viewer to see or understand from your work. I would like you to take a piece of art you have made in this class, briefly describe it and give it a one paragraph artist statement. For help on what they look like, google is a good place to start. 

Sophomores: Whats your favorite animal? Tell me why. (Also this will probably become an art piece)

Seniors heres some very helpful links that should answer all of the questions I have repeatedly answered the past 3 months. Don’t @ me.

Ketchup Week IB by Kyle Darnell

There is no new assignment this week. Instead I am giving you the opportunity to complete assignments you missed for half credit. Doesn't sound like much, but it is way better than a zero.


Now I am not going to dig through all the posts to find who caught up on what, when. You will need to comment on this with which ones you caught up on and I will double check it from there. If you don't write anything here, I will assume you didn't need it.

Let the hate flow through you by Kyle Darnell

This weeks online assignment is brought to you by Oli Barton. Just remember, my boy Mark Rothko is a member of Abstract Expressionism. Name it and I will shame you for your ignorance.

If you could eliminate one art movement from history (and all the artists associated with it), which would it be and why?

I'd get rid of Cubism, and that's a) because I hate Pablo Picasso, and b) because I don't want to have to understand geometry to make art, especially art that only looks good from a few feet away.

Olive Garden (of Earthly Delights) by Kyle Darnell

This weeks assignment is brought to you by Zach Scott.

If you could sit down with any artist from history and have a nice fast-food takeout dinner with them, who would it be? (Also What fast food restaurant would it be?)

It's a pretty hard choice between Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, but ultimately I think I would have to go with Jack Kirby, as he worked with Stan Lee to create so many of Marvel's earliest and most famous heroes. I would just love to hear how these characters came to fruition behind the scenes and all the creative processes behind them.


The US is doing a juried exhibition for a Duck Stamp. Y’all like ducks right? Anyway here is the page should you want to make duck art and send it in. I will bring it up again later, just wanted to you the option of seeing it.

Sounds fine by Kyle Darnell

This week’s online assignment was made by Ava St. Pere. I was going to ask you post a link to the song, but then I thought better about it.

If you had to create a visual piece inspired by any song, what would it be and why? How would you go about it?

I would definitely create a piece inspired by Cherry Bomb by Tyler the Creator--any song off of the album really. Probably The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah. Cherry Bomb is this weird hodgepodge of sounds and textures that's also somehow really ingeniously calculated. My dad once described it as "being attacked by a bunch of angry clowns." That's kinda my inspiration: A bunch of colorful clowns dancing bears style on a black background splattered with red, in my head it looks like the movie Dumbo. They're all decorated with pom poms and holding unorthodox weapons like water guns and pokeballs that are sticking out from the canvas. It's a strangely vivid idea, but that's why I like Cherry Bomb, The Brown Stains in particular. It's vivid.

USI Art Day by Kyle Darnell

USI Art Day

On February 23rd USI will be giving free workshops in art.I think you should go. Students that have gone in the past have enjoyed it even if it is just a joinery class. So, heres the link with course descriptions. You don’t have to go of course, which would be a bummer, since a lot of you want to pursue arts that you just can’t do here at Sig. Remember, this isn’t a school sponsored event and it is your business to get there and leave, I will not be there.

Link to registration To make it easier to register, I hyperlinked the registration form.

So heres your assignment. If your going, comment that you are going and what class you signed up for. If you aren’t, tell me what class had interested you the most.

Talking art times by Kyle Darnell

Select one realist, one Impressionist, and one Post-Impressionist work of art. Discuss how the Impressionist work built on and deviated from the style of the realist work. Next, discuss how the Post-Impressionist work built on and deviated from the style of the Impressionist work. 

If you can I would like you to select art not from the lecture, but pieces you looked up on your own. Provide links to each. As always, try not to repeat answers before you. This is worth 30 points.

For sophomores, this next project is going to be linocut valentines. They are going to involve text so I want you to start thinking of imagery that goes with it, as well as a nice short text line. You don’t HAVE to do the one you write down of course.

The effects of art in your career by Kyle Darnell

Why Med Schools Are Requiring Art Classes

This article posits that arts are integral in teaching medical students empathy and observation and that it is good. I mean, I’m an art teacher so I know all too well how taking classes in college based off of critical thinking, creativity, and observation can have a profound effect on all majors. But I want to hear it from you.

For this assignment I want you to tell me what you plan on going to college for, not necessarily your proposed career and I want you to write about how information learned from this article can help you. Even if your post isn’t great, I really want you to read the article as I found it to be very informative.

A reminder about posting, square space hates google chrome and make sure to use your last name.

Ketchup Week IB by Kyle Darnell

Here is an opportunity to complete missed online assignments for half credit. That may not sound like a lot, but an extra 5-30 points can be the difference between a B+ and an A. Post which ones you caught up on here. And remember, Chrome and desktop is being finicky for posting. So exhaust your options before emailing me.

Comparative Study by Kyle Darnell

Next week we will be completing our comparative study’s. Now what is that? It is a document about 20 pages long detailing a comparative analysis of 3 art pieces by at least 2 artists. It can be a bit arduous and a lot to take in but it is a lot simpler than you might imagine.

First here is a link you might find helpful, It has descriptions of what IB is looking for as well as examples, we will further discuss this in class next week.

Here is another link it is to the IB website with their official descriptors and examples. Also if you haven’t checked out the IB website you should, theres a lot of helpful info on there and ya’ll are in or have had AP research, so feel free to look stuff up on your own.

Once you have read those you will need some art, and it is essential that you get this as early as possible, and to stress the importance of this assignment I am making it worth 30 points. Here is what you will need.

One art piece each by three artists. You are going to make a comparative analysis so make sure they are from different time period’s and Cultures. I would also like you to post a link. Here is my example.

Ralph Slatton - A Matter of Comfort USA 1998

Odilon Redon - Butterflies FRA 1910

Utamaro - Kitmaro JPN 1800

This is where we start okay. It isn’t enough to just pick art you like. Try not to pick ultra famous and cliched art.

Visual Art Class, watch and post a link to a video about acrylic painting. Tell me about it

Seniors, Write a little blurb about your Comparative Study from last year, and what needs to be fixed. It is in the IB upload link on this website.

Curve Ball, Come Up With A Novel by Kyle Darnell

Art, art, art, bleh. Lets write! In honor of national novel writing month, your assignment this week is to come up with the premise to a novel.

Tell me the Genre first.

In a couple of sentences come up with the premise.

Next list all of the characters and a brief written description of each.

Finally tell me who your target audience is.

This might make a fun assignment down the road where you illustrate the story. Someone just has to remind me.

Brawling with Botticelli by Kyle Darnell

This weeks online assignment is courtesy of Olive Bouseman. For the record I would power-bomb Willem deKooning through a table.

Brawling with Botticelli:
If you were thrown in a wrestling ring and absolutely had to fight any artist from any time period who would you choose and why? 

I would probably fight Damien Hirst just because I think it’d be funny if he got punched and lost a tooth like in a boxing movie to then preserve it in formaldehyde and auction it off for millions of dollars. 

Here’s a wonderful article about many art history fights including some well known favorites such as Caravaggio just being an actual murderer but also some lesser known gems: