Tell me about your project IB by Kyle Darnell

What are you doing? Tell me about your project. For some of you it is printmaking so tell me about the process so far. For others, its probably weird, so tell me about it. Use this as a way officering out some of your brainstorming or how things are going. You can use this info in your sketchbook.

Lotus IB by Kyle Darnell

Tell me about Lotus. What bands did you see? Was there any rad art? What awesome food did you have? Tell me a little bit of your opinion about the IU campus.


If you didn't go, tell me about that. Or make something up. Like you were fighting dragon robots or something. Actually, anyone can interject make believe into this.

Ketchup Week IB by Kyle Darnell

There is no new assignment this week. Instead I am giving you the opportunity to complete assignments you missed for half credit. Doesn't sound like much, but it is way better than a zero.


Now I am not going to dig through all the posts to find who caught up on what, when. You will need to comment on this with which ones you caught up on and I will double check it from there. If you don't write anything here, I will assume you didn't need it.

Recommend an art book IB by Kyle Darnell

Recommend an art book we should get for class. Provide a link on I won't get all of them, or even most of them, but I can get some to bolster our library. 

Here is an example of what I expect your post to look like.

Piranesi: The Complete Etchings

by Luigi Ficacc

Art You Don't Like IB by Kyle Darnell

We all have prejudices about art. I personally have several (don't ever do scratchboard art in my class). This weeks assignment is to tell me what you don't like and why. Please provide a link to back up what you are talking about or so I have an idea of what they do. You can write about an art style, an artist, or a whole art period that you don't like. Please touch on why someone might like them though, I want to know the other side of the coin.

Here is an example:

Damien Hirst is terrible. Early on he was with the YBA (Young British Artists) and had actual credibility with his work. It was inventive, efficient and visually pleasing. Then he took a turn, I personally believe its when he became friends with the lead singer of U2, Bono. He started dressing and acting like Bono and as his celebrity grew his art declined. He reverted to the bare necessities of Post-Modern art, the grand scale. He started spender untold amounts of money to just kill and preserve animals in formaldehyde and said "Hey guys, look how great I am!"

The highest of his terribleness comes with the piece titled "For the Love of God" which is just just a human skull covered in diamonds. He started describing the media he works in as Money. Nobody needs that. Nobody needs Damien Hirst.

Careers Project IB by Kyle Darnell

The current project you are working on is taking last weeks online assignment and turning it into an art. So what I need from you is your list of materials from your sketchbook, what your project entails, and how you will handle it.


Post this as soon as possible so I can get you materials.

Art You Like VA by Kyle Darnell

Post a link to an artist you like.  Please refrain from the Ninja Turtles (DaVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello), try to find someone more current. Write a little bit about what you like and how you would recomend them to others. 

Here is mine.

Trenton Doyle Hancock

Trenton Doyle Hancock deals with issues ranging from current political climate, cool scenerery, to the deeper recesses of the artists' mind. His work is dynamic, playful, dark, and super weird. I would recommend him to anyone who enjoys an artist at play.

See, simple and to the point. These discussions will be posted every Monday and due every Friday.

What did you learn? IB by Kyle Darnell

Tell me something you learned this year. Preferably it is about art, but I guess that can range as long as you can connect it.


This is for 10 extra credit points, some of you really need this. Even if you don't, still do it. I am less likely to do XC for future classes if there isn't participation.

College IB by Kyle Darnell

Tell me about the college or University you are at least 90% sure you are going to in the Fall. This isn't meant to shame, I'm just interested in what schools you are going to, what you are majoring in, and wether you are going to pursue art at the college level in some capacity. I know an art minor is relatively easy to obtain and generally helps out most job interviews regardless of what field you go into. The ability to think abstractly and creatively helps  you stand out in any situation.

For Juniors I want you to do the same but with your dream school.

To make this consistent I will go over the criteria.

The school you are going to and why you are going there.

Your major, plus a link to the department.

A link to the art department of that school and wether you will be pursuing art in any capacity.


Again, this isn't to shame or make you feel bad about the school you get into and I will still sleep the same tonight regardless of if you go into art.

Art You Like IB by Kyle Darnell

August was forever ago, so I am reposting this assignment to see how your tastes have changed.

This is due this Sunday not next and is worth 10 points


Post a link to an artist you like.  Please refrain from the Ninja Turtles (DaVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello), try to find someone more current. Write a little bit about what you like and how you would recommend them to others. 

Here is mine.

Trenton Doyle Hancock

Trenton Doyle Hancock deals with issues ranging from current political climate, cool scenerery, to the deeper recesses of the artists' mind. His work is dynamic, playful, dark, and super weird. I would recommend him to anyone who enjoys an artist at play.

See, simple and to the point. These discussions will be posted every Sunday and due every Friday.

Curatorial Rationale by Kyle Darnell

Here is your assignment before this whole thing becomes links.

Seniors: Write a Curatorial Rationale. They are due by Saturday. You will then receive edit ideas and rewrite your Curatorial Rational, which will be due by next Friday before class. (Don't worry about the dates too much, you will have time in class to accomplish this.)

Juniors: Write notes on at least two Curatorial Rationals. You have until Sunday. You will then do the same process again, by the next Sunday.


Here are links to help explain things. I will also be talking quite a bit about it in class.

Getting Political by Kyle Darnell

Political cartoons are pretty important. Throughout history they have been used to shine light on a dark subject or even further propagate the opinion of the either a government or a news paper. Linked below is a pretty brief history of political cartoons. There are several pages, they don't take too long though.


Your job is to find a political cartoon, past or present, and write a little bit about it. Also post a link so everyone can see. Don't just type in political cartoons either. There is a lot of information out there and several famous artists even contributed throughout the year. For example, did you know that DR. Seuss was a very successful political cartoonist? Did you also know drew anti Japanese propaganda cartoons for the US government during ww2? Thats what i'm saying, dig around a little.


Reminder, these are worth 20 points and are due by the 19th.

Art Time Police by Kyle Darnell

In this assignment you are a Art Time Cop. Your job is to travel history and find artists guilty of committing a crime, then erase them from the time-stream. What are they guilty of? How will erasing them change Art History?

Vincent Van Gogh

Crime: 1st degree wasting paint and 2nd degree annoying fans.

Van Gogh is synonymous with the post-impressionist movement and when his art was collected after his death, helped influence several artists to take more chances with composition and color. That being said, most of his work is terrible. Famous for his impasto technique of laying oil paint onto the canvas in a very thick manner, sometimes straight from the tube, to create his own vision of a scene. Huge waste of very expensive paint that he never had to buy, as his brother Theo was bankrolling him. Just a shame to waste paint like that. That also caused every freshman dorm on ever college campus apparently come pre-furnished with a Starry Night poster.

You know when you like a band but hate their fans? Van Gogh is OG that. Removing Van Gogh will save me from every college freshman art class of breaking the students of their misguided love of Van Gogh.


And I should emphasize to not write about Hitler or George W Bush. They both are know at periods of time as being artists, but they are not most famous for those things. So adjust accordingly. And this is opinion based, if you don't agree with someone thats fine. Also try not to repeat artists.

Artists in popular culture by Kyle Darnell

Artists exist in popular culture beyond the real ones we know. This assignment is about writing about fictional artists in media. That can be books, tv, movies ...etc. Post a link, and write a little bit about them. Why its someone that stands out. Also I know this is harder than it sounds.

We are going to switch to online assignments being every 2 weeks but now they are worth 20 points each, so make sure to do them.

Inspired IB by Kyle Darnell

Free Juried Art Exhibition at One Life Church.

So this exhibition isn't religious in nature, its more based on community you. You will find that in your art career, your religious preferences don't dictate where you show your work. The point is to just get out there. Famously, Rembrandt was Jewish but all of his artwork was depictions of Christianity.. Your assignment which is due December 11th is to enter this show. Choose any work you have made, follow the entry guide and submit. Upon completion you will receive some sort of confirmation email. Forward that email to me for approval.

If you get into the show, good job. It is up to you get it framed suitably (You can get cheap frames at walmart or goodwill) and if it is wood we can screw in a wired framing device. Don't worry about that, just try to get in first.


This will be worth 20 points instead of 10 and I am giving you an extra week. Last online assignment of the semester.

What are you into? IB by Kyle Darnell

Were all into stuff that other people aren't. Hobbies aren't just a means to relax they are a way that helps connect us. So tell me what you are into. Don't just say video games or poetry, tell me which type, how do you use that to connect in a community. Here is my example.

"In High School I was really into music, specifically Metal bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah. I really couldn't stand what any of my peers were listening to at the time so I used that music as a way of finding like minded people. I followed the music online to a website called Gamefaqs, where they had specific message boards geared to music. And since it was a bunch of video game nerds like myself, I was able immediately connect with them and discover new music online. Side note, I am still friends with that small group and we check in on each other even though we have all gone our separate ways, with our own careers."


Link to a Meshuggah song, you don't have to click it.

Curve Ball, Come up with a Novel by Kyle Darnell

Art, art, art, bleh. Lets write! Your assignment this week is to come up with the premise to a novel.

Tell me the Genre first.

In a couple of sentences come up with the premise.

Next list all of the characters and a brief written description of each.

Finally tell me who your target audience is.