Inspired IB / by Kyle Darnell

Free Juried Art Exhibition at One Life Church.

So this exhibition isn't religious in nature, its more based on community you. You will find that in your art career, your religious preferences don't dictate where you show your work. The point is to just get out there. Famously, Rembrandt was Jewish but all of his artwork was depictions of Christianity.. Your assignment which is due December 11th is to enter this show. Choose any work you have made, follow the entry guide and submit. Upon completion you will receive some sort of confirmation email. Forward that email to me for approval.

If you get into the show, good job. It is up to you get it framed suitably (You can get cheap frames at walmart or goodwill) and if it is wood we can screw in a wired framing device. Don't worry about that, just try to get in first.


This will be worth 20 points instead of 10 and I am giving you an extra week. Last online assignment of the semester.