Unlimited Time and Resources IB / by Kyle Darnell

This weeks online assignment is by Ryan Ruder. Do not disappoint Ryan Ruder.


You have an unlimited supply of money, time, and resources to make one art piece. What would you make? 

I would make my own visual novel book series. The books would be set in the world of Aedoreas, a fantastical land full of Tolkien-esque nations and characters. The two main kingdoms, The Drakonhold Hegemony and the Sableclaw Dominion are in a constant state of warfare. The visuals of the novel would focus on the romantic geography of the setting. The Drakonhold capital is situated in the jaws of rough, red mountains. The city itself is on a plateau, with the foreboding steel castle looming over the squalid and poor slums beneath it. The Sableclaw city is surrounded by a massive forest with supernaturally big trees, and hugs a pristine southern coastline. I think the world-building of the novel could go on forever, so I think having infinite time and resources would help.