College IB / by Kyle Darnell

Tell me about the college or University you are at least 90% sure you are going to in the Fall. This isn't meant to shame, I'm just interested in what schools you are going to, what you are majoring in, and wether you are going to pursue art at the college level in some capacity. I know an art minor is relatively easy to obtain and generally helps out most job interviews regardless of what field you go into. The ability to think abstractly and creatively helps  you stand out in any situation.

For Juniors I want you to do the same but with your dream school.

To make this consistent I will go over the criteria.

The school you are going to and why you are going there.

Your major, plus a link to the department.

A link to the art department of that school and wether you will be pursuing art in any capacity.


Again, this isn't to shame or make you feel bad about the school you get into and I will still sleep the same tonight regardless of if you go into art.