Curatorial Rationale IB / by Kyle Darnell

Here is your assignment before this whole thing becomes links.

Seniors: Write a Curatorial Rationale. This is just a rough draft so you can start writing down ideas that we have discussed or is still in your head. Use this as an opportunity to get the bad ideas out. This will be due Sunday. The next week you will comment on two different curatorial rationale's that have already been posted to help the process along.

Juniors: An artist statement is a declaration of artistic intent. It is your opportunity to not only describe your art series as a whole, but you and why you are here. It ranges from influences, but what you want to viewer to see or understand from your work. I would like you to take a piece of art you have made in this class, briefly describe it and give it a one paragraph artist statement. For help on what they look like, google is a good place to start. 

This is a two week assignment, so take your time.