Comparative Study / by Kyle Darnell

Next week we will be completing our comparative study’s. Now what is that? It is a document about 20 pages long detailing a comparative analysis of 3 art pieces by at least 2 artists. It can be a bit arduous and a lot to take in but it is a lot simpler than you might imagine.

First here is a link you might find helpful, It has descriptions of what IB is looking for as well as examples, we will further discuss this in class next week.

Here is another link it is to the IB website with their official descriptors and examples. Also if you haven’t checked out the IB website you should, theres a lot of helpful info on there and ya’ll are in or have had AP research, so feel free to look stuff up on your own.

Once you have read those you will need some art, and it is essential that you get this as early as possible, and to stress the importance of this assignment I am making it worth 30 points. Here is what you will need.

One art piece each by three artists. You are going to make a comparative analysis so make sure they are from different time period’s and Cultures. I would also like you to post a link. Here is my example.

Ralph Slatton - A Matter of Comfort USA 1998

Odilon Redon - Butterflies FRA 1910

Utamaro - Kitmaro JPN 1800

This is where we start okay. It isn’t enough to just pick art you like. Try not to pick ultra famous and cliched art.

Visual Art Class, watch and post a link to a video about acrylic painting. Tell me about it

Seniors, Write a little blurb about your Comparative Study from last year, and what needs to be fixed. It is in the IB upload link on this website.