A lot of things / by Kyle Darnell

Seniors: Congrats on hanging your show, I bet you feel great. Well anyway I need a copy of the title identification sheet by the end of class Wednesday. This needs to be emailed me at kyle.darnell@signature.edu . Cool now that that is out of the way a few custodial things. Your process portfolio is due to me by April 20th which is when it also needs to be uploaded to IB. For a refresher on the Process Portfolio here is the link we discussed last year, it has everything you need. Speaking of IB, a change was made to the Comparative Study. You will need to remove the Bibliography from the end of your powerpoint and make it a separate word doc. Them the breaks, you can upload that at anytime but I recommend doing it asap so you don’t have to worry about it.

Now your assignment this week is to drum up as much interest in the exhibition this Saturday. Remember it is from 12-2 but you don’t have to stay the whole time, you can collect your art at the end but we will still need to go down and clean the place up (Spackle and paint walls).

Every gallery reception has awesome food, so your online assignment this week is to post if you are bringing any food for the reception and what it is. Not everyone has too obviously, but generally this is an opportunity to show off a bit. I will be providing plates, forks and water so don’t get that. Try to keep things bite size, a three their cake can be unruly.

Juniors: This next project is due at the end of April, before Testing starts. So this should be the best art piece you make all year, kind of a final boss. Focus on technique that you excel at as well as subject matter you are comfortable with. You see the Seniors working on their Exhibition where they are making art based around a Theme, potentially use this as a launching point for that new series. I want you to post what your artwork will be or what theme it might follow.


Vote for what you want your April Project to be. I might listen