Illuminated Manuscripts VA by Kyle Darnell

Illuminated Manuscripts are wonderful. Dating back to the dark ages they were the only way to produce a book. Fine craftsman used quills and calligraphy pens to reproduce stored knowledge using patience and ink.


I want you to research something about them. There are various artists that have produced their own versions throughout the years. One of my favorites is poet/philosopher/artist/madman William Blake. He combined calligraphy with printmaking and hand coloring to produce several of his own books, which were mainly about his cult.



Book Binding VA by Kyle Darnell

Now that you have bound your own book, I would like for you to reflect on it a little bit. What did you like about it? What didn't you like? Since you are a pro now I would like for your to research a different type of bookbinding for a future project. We did Coptic, I would like for you to find a different one and write about it. Their are hundreds to choose from as every culture has different methods of binding and their own unique twists.

Art Techniques VA by Kyle Darnell

There's a lot of different ways to make Art. I know some, and so do you. But I want to know what you don't know. Your assignment is to think of a technique or media you would like to learn. This can be charcoal drawing, watercolor, acrylic, bookbinding, collage, crackle paint. Honestly anything. And you will post a link to it online with a brief description of it. We won't get to most of them in class, but we might. Here is my example.

I would like to learn Comic Book art. And not just how to arrange a book or write a story, but how to deal with certain angles, scene building, the importance of line. I think this would help the class because I think everyone has a story I'm sure they want to get out.


So that is mine. Moving forward, stop plagiarizing these posts and don't forget to include links.

Art Movements VA by Kyle Darnell

Write about an Art Movement you enjoy. Here is a quick reference to several  Be sure to include an artist from that time and a link.


Here is mine:

The Baroque period existed in the 1600s and its style consisted of dynamic figures, extreme dark to light shading called tennebrisim, and was considered the natural evolution of the High Renaissance. Some artists are Michelangelo Caravaggio, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Artemisia Gentileschi. It was succeeded by Rococo and Neo Classical art movments.

Art You Like VA by Kyle Darnell

Post a link to an artist you like.  Please refrain from the Ninja Turtles (DaVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello), try to find someone more current. Write a little bit about what you like and how you would recomend them to others. 

Here is mine.

Trenton Doyle Hancock

Trenton Doyle Hancock deals with issues ranging from current political climate, cool scenerery, to the deeper recesses of the artists' mind. His work is dynamic, playful, dark, and super weird. I would recommend him to anyone who enjoys an artist at play.

See, simple and to the point. These discussions will be posted every Monday and due every Friday.

What did you learn? VA by Kyle Darnell

Tell me something you learned this year. Preferably it is about art, but I guess that can range as long as you can connect it.


This is for 10 extra credit points, some of you really need this. Even if you don't, still do it. I am less likely to do XC for future classes if there isn't participation.There will be one more online assignment next week.

Your Future VA by Kyle Darnell

Simple, tell me what you plan on being after college and why. Never too early to start thinking about it. I don't expect it to be about art, but make sure to include a link to what you are talking about. And not everyone can be a Wolverine Trainer.

Early in my High School career I remember that I really wanted to be an Animator. I practiced outside of school constantly. Around Senior year I saw what the real world was like when I did a workshop for animation and ultimately decided not to pursue it. It wasn't about money or workload, it just wasn't what I was willing to commit myself to.

That being said, the average person from the Millennial generation forward will change their careers at least 4 times. So consider that when answering this. Its not about money, its not about what your parents/guardians want. Its about what you want.

Glass Artist VA by Kyle Darnell

You need to research a glass artist. Find an artist that works primarily in glass sculpture. This ranges from glass blowing, lamp working, and dicryllic infusing. I use to make beads on a mandel while lamp working back in the day, so I know a bit about this. Post a link, write a bit about them (at least a paragraph), talk a bit about their process, what makes them unique. 

Due Sunday. Worth 10 points.

Wire Artist VA by Kyle Darnell

Your doing a wire project, so guess what? You need to research a wire artist. Find an artist that works primarily in metal wire or metal sculpture. Post a link, write a bit about them (at least a paragraph), and what makes them worthy of study.

Due Sunday. Worth 10 points.

Zine Idea VA by Kyle Darnell

Tell me about your Zine. A piece of art, good or bad still has a plan. From cover to the story to the art, give yourself a guide. Break your zine down for me. Here is your format.


1. Cover

2. 1st page

3. 2nd page

4. 3rd page

5. 4th page

6. 5th page

7. 6th page

8. Back cover/7th page


Also tell me if it is going to be a story/narrative. What type of art? Pen, collage, pencil (remember that pencil doesn't photocopy very well). What is your market? These are getting copied and distributed. Think that someone will buy them, who is that person.

Art you like remix VA by Kyle Darnell

I want to see how your tastes have potentially changed. Oldie but Goldie from the first week of school


Post a link to an artist you like.  Please refrain from the Ninja Turtles (DaVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello), try to find someone more current. Write a little bit about what you like and how you would recomend them to others. 

Here is mine.

Trenton Doyle Hancock

Trenton Doyle Hancock deals with issues ranging from current political climate, cool scenerery, to the deeper recesses of the artists' mind. His work is dynamic, playful, dark, and super weird. I would recommend him to anyone who enjoys an artist at play.


Final Boss VA by Kyle Darnell

Draw a caricature of someone, anyone and post it online. Consider this an little extra quick drawing. Your goal will be to put it online somewhere and post a link to it here.


You all probably have plenty of places to upload pictures to, just make sure its clean. Imgur, tublr, twitter, instagram...etc all have the ability to post and direct link images.

Art Conspiracy Theories VA by Kyle Darnell

A conspiracy going around is that the CIA funded the Abstract Expressionism movement to convince Soviet Russia how free and awesome USA was. It is a bit far fetched but to be honest it has its merits. Why else would anyone care about Jackson Pollack if it wasn't a global conspiracy? Go ahead and read this article about it to get a really good idea how something like this can happen.

I want you to come up with your own grand art conspiracy. I am expecting at least 2 paragraphs on this and will be giving you an extra week to complete it. It will also be worth double points so really spend some time on this. And you can come up with any sort of conspiracy theory you want. From secret spies acting as artists, to the declaration of independence is hidden inside of the Death of Marat by Jaques Louis David. Make sure you come up with a why.

These should be weird. If they are good enough I will try to slip them into my FAC classes as facts.

Art Manifestos VA by Kyle Darnell

For this assignment you will read this article about art manifestos and write a little bit about one of them. Art Manifesto's are a declaration of intent for the art collective, signifying their purpose as an art movement. They are very important for the development of Modern Art as the artists voice became as important as the art itself.

Pick a movement from the list and write a little bit about it. The article is great at summarizing their intent so i'm not expecting you to write something new yourself, just your impression of it.

Your sketchbook assignment this week is to Write a manifesto yourself and then to make a piece of art about it. I expect at least 7 points to your manifesto and an awesome name to your movement.

Spirit Animal of the Baroque by Kyle Darnell

Artsy had this great article on the Baroque time period. I've talked about it in class in reference to Caravaggio and Rembrandt, but there is a meaty middle between full of artists that changed the course of art history.

Your assignment is to read this article and pick an artists discussed to find your Artists Spirit Animal. Don't over think it, just find an artists that speaks to you and why. Talk about how they embody your ideals and morals. There is plenty to choose from here. Also link an animal that you think represents that artist.

Color Artist VA by Kyle Darnell

This unit is focusing on color so what I need from you is some information about artists that are know for their use of color. Write a little bit about them, a link to their work, and why you picked them.

To keep it interesting only artists post WW2. And only one person can write about an artist. So only one post about Jackson Pollock. 



Semester recap by Kyle Darnell

Write a little bit about your experience in the class this semester. What you liked and what you didn't. Recommend things for next semester. I have a few things set in stone when it comes to projects but it doesn't mean there isn't wiggle room.

Also recommend questions to ask the class for online assignments next semester. Art related of course but it can be branching.


A: What you liked.

B: What you didn't like.

C: Something you know now that you didn't before, any class.

D: Question for next semesters online assignment.

Printmaking Artist VA by Kyle Darnell

The final project of the quarter is a relief printmaking assignment. You will be carving your own linoleum block and printing in class. The point of printmaking is the multiple and creating an edition.

Online assignment this week is to research a printmaking artist, write a little about him or her, and post a link. There are 4 different types of printmaking:

Intaglio - Literally means "to carve into". A copper plate is carved or etched and ink is put into the lines which is then pulled out with the use of a press.

Relief - Carving a wood or linoleum block to create recessed lines. Ink is deposited on the top, uncarved layer and printed on paper without a press.

Serigraphy - A matrix is made on stretched silk and inked through with a squeegee. This has more commercial applications, t shirts and what not. Also known as silkscreen.

Lithography - Mystical science based off of grease and water don't mix. A limestone block is etched with Nitric Acid and printed using a very flat surface.  Not to be trifled with.

My artist is Johanna Mueller. She works out of the gallery "The Lions Nest" in Colorado. Her work is about the spirituality of animals. She typically works in the medium Wood Engraving which falls under the Relief group. Her work is intrinsically detailed and full of movement and color. She recently has moved more towards collage, embracing the multiple aspect of printmaking. A bit from here artist statement.

" Enhanced by printmaking’s history of narrative, my work delves into the shared histories of humans, as told by animals. These compositions are full of animals within animals, a reference to animal cognition and spirits within animal bodies. "



What are you into? VA by Kyle Darnell

Were all into stuff that other people aren't. Hobbies aren't just a means to relax they are a way that helps connect us. So tell me what you are into. Don't just say video games or poetry, tell me which type, how do you use that to connect in a community. Here is my example.

"In High School I was really into music, specifically Metal bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah. I really couldn't stand what any of my peers were listening to at the time so I used that music as a way of finding like minded people. I followed the music online to a website called Gamefaqs, where they had specific message boards geared to music. And since it was a bunch of video game nerds like myself, I was able immediately connect with them and discover new music online. Side note, I am still friends with that small group and we check in on each other even though we have all gone our separate ways, with our own careers."


Link to a Meshuggah song, you don't have to click it.