Art Critics VA / by Kyle Darnell

Art Critics are an essential evil. They disseminate the cultural relevance of art and culture and present it to the public in a digestible way. That being said, they are jerks. In the early 20th century new art was treated terribly and made to seem worthless. Wether they don't get it or were paid off or what, history didn't favor them and their views. 

So heres what I want you to do. I want you to take a famous art piece from the early 20th century and try to destroy it as if you were a critic.

Here are key points you should hit:

Why their art is terrible.

Why they are terrible.

Why their movement is terrible.


Here is a wiki about art critics.

Post the Title, Artist, and media as well as a link to the artwork. Have fun with this. Be hyper critical, but don't slam something without evidence or proof.


Also no Marcel Duchamp.