Printmaking Artist VA / by Kyle Darnell

The final project of the quarter is a relief printmaking assignment. You will be carving your own linoleum block and printing in class. The point of printmaking is the multiple and creating an edition.

Online assignment this week is to research a printmaking artist, write a little about him or her, and post a link. There are 4 different types of printmaking:

Intaglio - Literally means "to carve into". A copper plate is carved or etched and ink is put into the lines which is then pulled out with the use of a press.

Relief - Carving a wood or linoleum block to create recessed lines. Ink is deposited on the top, uncarved layer and printed on paper without a press.

Serigraphy - A matrix is made on stretched silk and inked through with a squeegee. This has more commercial applications, t shirts and what not. Also known as silkscreen.

Lithography - Mystical science based off of grease and water don't mix. A limestone block is etched with Nitric Acid and printed using a very flat surface.  Not to be trifled with.

My artist is Johanna Mueller. She works out of the gallery "The Lions Nest" in Colorado. Her work is about the spirituality of animals. She typically works in the medium Wood Engraving which falls under the Relief group. Her work is intrinsically detailed and full of movement and color. She recently has moved more towards collage, embracing the multiple aspect of printmaking. A bit from here artist statement.

" Enhanced by printmaking’s history of narrative, my work delves into the shared histories of humans, as told by animals. These compositions are full of animals within animals, a reference to animal cognition and spirits within animal bodies. "