Famous Artist VA / by Kyle Darnell

From time to time you will answer questions posted by IB art members. This week's question is posted by Brooklynn Cox with her response.


In the distant future, you are a famous artist known for founding your very own artistic movement. What is this art movement called? What is it about? This can be as serious or as goofy as you want.

"My art movement would be called "Ecoviridism," which combines the root 'Eco' and the Latin word for green, "viridis." The movement has an ecology-based meaning as it promotes the protection of the environment, but this meaning is in the background. The art in this movement can be identified by the strong presence of the color green, but always and only in the background of the image. The subject matter, medium, and individual meaning ranges wildly but all pieces have one common theme: that protecting our environment is in the background of our thoughts, when it should be in the foreground. The movement sprang about as a response to the worsening environment. This was more of a serious answer, but there is my art movement!"