Your Future VA / by Kyle Darnell

Simple, tell me what you plan on being after college and why. Never too early to start thinking about it. I don't expect it to be about art, but make sure to include a link to what you are talking about. And not everyone can be a Wolverine Trainer.

Early in my High School career I remember that I really wanted to be an Animator. I practiced outside of school constantly. Around Senior year I saw what the real world was like when I did a workshop for animation and ultimately decided not to pursue it. It wasn't about money or workload, it just wasn't what I was willing to commit myself to.

That being said, the average person from the Millennial generation forward will change their careers at least 4 times. So consider that when answering this. Its not about money, its not about what your parents/guardians want. Its about what you want.