Artist Catchphrase VA / by Kyle Darnell

This week's online assignment is courtesy of Emmalee Gladding. 

Pick an artist that you think creates interesting art pieces. After looking through some of their work, come up with a slogan that portrays their techniques or their motivations. Did looking back on a majority of their compositions improve your ideals about them? 

For example take the work of Mark Rothko, he creates large paintings of rectangles drafted in different colors. I have been in many art museums looking at pieces similar to these where people around me have said something along the lines of "Why is that in here, I could have done that." So the catch phrase I would give to the portfolio of Rothko is, "put your money where your mouth is". If the people at the art museum can make art the same way Rothko can, then I'd like to see them try. 

Don't forget to explain why you choose a certain catch phrase for your artist!