Printmaking Artist VA / by Kyle Darnell

You are currently working on an assignment in relief printmaking. Your online assignment this week is to find an artist that works in Relief printmaking, do a quick write up on them on one to two art pieces, and post a link to their work. There are a lot of printmakers who work in relief as their main focus, but you will find several who do it in addition to something else. This is fine, Albrect Durer is a fine example of a printmaking artist who worked in several media, but if you were to write about him I would expect further attention to be payed to his relief pieces.

You will find three different relief media; woodcut, wood engraving, and linoleum. Any of these are fine to write about. You will not find historical examples of linoleum as it is a media developed in the 1910's by Pablo Picasso. If you need help finding artist my brain is full of more info on Printmaking than anything else, so just ask.