New Work: Passion Blanket / by Kyle Darnell

I just finished up a new blanket. Here is a picture and some detail shots. It is a summation of the portion of the GODSELF series titled "Passion", which is the ending chapter of how our hero Kyle Darnell confronts his imperfections and attains nirvana. This Blanket is the penultimate work of my GODSELF series, with a small, zine style book to follow. Enjoy. And if you want to purchase one, contact me and we can work something out. 

"The Passion of the Blanket" 

Digital on Fleece and metal rings


Keep an eye out for future posts about my new work called "Kyle Darnell vs. The Multiverse" I am currently mapping out a novel about it and working on principle designs for prints. I will be doing the novel during NaNoWrMo. So everything is just set up until then. And remember, as a man without a press, buying a blanket is a great way for me to afford studio time.