Versus the Multiverse / by Kyle Darnell

I am pleased to announce my new novel, "Versus the Multiverse" is now available for purchase from Amazon. It is illustrated with 14 22x30" relief prints.

Here is the blurb from the back.

"Kyle Darnell was a sweet little boy. Playing with action figures and watching wrestling was all that he wanted to do. That was until his brother killed him, sending Kyle to another Universe and into an adult body where he got mixed up in all sorts of trouble. From shoot outs in the Old West town of Eastwood, to Lucha Libre matches in ancient Meso-America, and all the inter-planetary struggles of first loves, God, and this asshole called "The Morning Star." Kyle will have to deal with all of this while treading the delicate balance of Multiverse Theory, Time Travel, and how the hell to get home. Suspenseful, strange, and full of all the sci-fi hoopla you could want in the illustrated adventures of "Versus the Multiverse"


Thank you all for the continued support.