Art Competition and tell me a joke / by Kyle Darnell

Juniors and seniors. This week there isn’t technically an online assignment. You will be entering into the US Congressional Art Competition. There is a form you have to fill out that is signed by your parent or guardian, and you will need to have your best art piece to me by Thursday with the form. Turn it in, you get points.

A little about the show. It is open to everyone in the 8th district and is juried by the arts council on behalf of Representative Larry Buschon. It will be on display in the Arts Council and if it wins, it goes on display at the Capitol Building in DC for a year and you get two plane tickets and a hotel room for the reception. Everything you need is here, I will have the forms on Tuesday.

You can check out the rules at the link but basically no politics (Sorry Ben), no violence (Sorry Dexter), no sculpture (Sorry B$), and no fibers (Sorry Olive). And including a frame it needs to be smaller than 26 inches.

But this is a great opportunity, don’t blow it.

Sophomores, tell me a joke. I shouldn’t have to say this but make sure it follows school policy.