Art Conspiracy Theories VA / by Kyle Darnell

A conspiracy going around is that the CIA funded the Abstract Expressionism movement to convince Soviet Russia how free and awesome USA was. It is a bit far fetched but to be honest it has its merits. Why else would anyone care about Jackson Pollack if it wasn't a global conspiracy? Go ahead and read this article about it to get a really good idea how something like this can happen.

I want you to come up with your own grand art conspiracy. I am expecting at least 2 paragraphs on this and will be giving you an extra week to complete it. It will also be worth double points so really spend some time on this. And you can come up with any sort of conspiracy theory you want. From secret spies acting as artists, to the declaration of independence is hidden inside of the Death of Marat by Jaques Louis David. Make sure you come up with a why.

These should be weird. If they are good enough I will try to slip them into my FAC classes as facts.